Panarcadian Federation of America

The Pan Arcadian Federation of America is a nationwide non-profit fraternal Greek-American organization whose members descend from the region of Arcadia in the Peloponnese, southern Greece. It is dedicated to the promotion of the ideals of Hellenism and the principles of Democracy, the preservation of the Greek language and cultural heritage, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church and the support of Arcadian and Arcadian-American philanthropic, cultural and educational institutions.

In 1931, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America was formed in New York by 12 visionary Arcadians with the goal of consolidating the variouys Arcadian village clubs that existed across the United States.

After continued growth, the Federation was eventually structured into three districts: the East District (based in New York), the Midwest District (based in Chicago) and the Western District. Currently representing over 2,100 members, these three districts work together to further the goals and uphold the constitution and by-laws of the Federation.

We invite you to learn more about the Pan Arcadian Federation of America through this web site, and join us as we continue to bring together the rich traditions and history of Arcadia and the American way of life. We appreciate and welcome your suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to contact us directly at

Panarcadian Federation of Canada

A large amount of time was given in order to find a suitable name for the Federation to be given an appropriate name. It was finally named World Panarcadian Congress.

The aims of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada are to promote Greek issues and ties with Greece and Arcadia. Improvement of communication between different Arcadian organisations of the world. Registration of all Arcadians around the world. Solution of migration problems for Arcadians to and from Greece. Promotion of hospitality programs for the younger generation of Arcadians.

Panarcadian Federation of Greece

The Panarcadian Federation of Greece has the following aims:

  1. Study of problems of Arcadia and their solutions.
  2. Enhancement of ties between all world federations of Arcadians
  3. Organising conferences, seminars in culture and the arts for Arcadians
  4. The protection of environment and natural habitat of Arcadia.
  5. The collection and research of ancient and folkloric artifacts and cultural events.